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A snippet-sharing tool for .NET developers.

Have you written a great piece of code that you want to share? Are you looking for some great code samples? CodeXchange is an Visual Studio.NET add-in providing you with instant integrated access to an online repository of ready to use .NET code snippets.

Code reuse is an encouraged reality in the work place, and is usually faster than re-inventing the wheel.

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1. TDT - GridPage - Page_Init C# submitted on 7/31/2012 by Guss Davey Preview Code Snippet
2. CustomValitaor C# submitted on 5/13/2011 by zhu xiaowu Preview Code Snippet
3. C# submitted on 1/12/2011 by ruairi odonnell Preview Code Snippet
4. Get the file extension from a file path or file name VB.NET submitted on 9/17/2010 by Antonio Cosano Preview Code Snippet
5. grab record from db and subtracts it from variable VB.NET submitted on 9/16/2010 by Marcus Reed Preview Code Snippet

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Formating a file size and adding the B, KB, MB and GB extension appropriately with string.Format (C#)
INI File Access (VB.NET)
Read XML from string into DataSet (C#)
Create Manifest File for your Application (VB.NET)
Round function to avoid banker's rounding (VB.NET)
Get Short and Long Path Names (VB.NET)
Sending Mail through authenticated SMTP server (C#)
One Way Hash for strings (C#)
Formating a file size and adding the B, KB, MB and GB extension appropriately with string.Format (C#)
How do I load an image from a URI address? (VB.NET)
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