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So , What is CodeXchange ?

In short , CodeXchange is an Visual Studio.NET add-in and a standalone application providing you with instant integrated access to an online repository of ready to use .NET code snippets.

The CodeXchange addin is a dockable toolwindow inside the Visual Studio.NET IDE, allowing you to integrate it with your standard development environment layout.

After installing CodeXchange, and re-starting Visual Studio, the 'Search CodeXchange snippets' and 'Contribute snippet to CodeXchange' commands (available on the Right-Click context menu) offers a straightforward way to contribute your snippet to the shared online repository. It is intended to be the default method in most contexts.

It will open the following dialog box with your selected code.

Just complete the form with the required information like summary and programming language and press ok. If all goes ok you should see a confirmation message for the CodeXchange service like this :

Congrats! your code snippet is now shared on CodeXchange.You can see the list of your contributed snippets to CodeXchange from the CodeXchange toolwindow main tab.This screen shows you important information about how other users are using the code you contributed to the service.

The code you shared is now available to other developers using the service.Developers simply type in keywords for what they are looking for using the search tab.Once users have found the code they were looking for they can downlad the snippet.

Now, each time you download someone's snippet, you can rate it as helpful or not helpful. This helps build the reputation of those who post good information.

CodeXchange is basically a developer to developer community. Each individual help its peer developer in the technology. Welcome and Have fun!

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