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What is CodeXchange?

CodeXchange is an Visual Studio.NET add-in and a standalone application providing you with instant integrated access to an online repository of ready to use .NET code snippets.

What is a code snippet?

Code Snippets are essentially code samples. A code snippet is a piece of code that is too small to be its own project, but has intrinsic value of itself because it demonstrates how to perform a specific task.The "Code Snippets" section contains both code snippets and snippet packages. Packages contain one or more snippets, presumably related.

What about the ownership of the code?

Any software contributed to CodeXchange is considered to be under public license which means you may use it for your own use as long as you don't try to ratify it as your own. You must give the author credit where due unless otherwise specified.

Is the CodeXchange software free to use?

Yes, the CodeXchange software and service is provided free of charge and without warranty.

Some software contains spyware: does CodeXchange contain such harmful modules?

No! , It does not install any tracking software on your system, or collect personal information about you and your browsing habits. CodeXchange software does not "spy" on other programs you run or web sites you visit. We also don't serve monitor usage or serve ads from the client software. The CodeXchange software does not come bundled with any third party software.

How do I know CodeXchange Addin won't harm my computer?

CodeXchange works for the author, but this Software and any support from CodeXchange are provided "AS IS" and without warranty, express or implied. CodeXchange specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the author be liable for any damages, including but not limited to any lost profits, lost savings or any incidental or consequential damages, whether resulting from impaired or lost data, software or computer failure or any other cause, or for any other claim by the user or for any third party claim.

What about license rights?

CodeXchange software is distributed as freeware.It may be freely used, copied and distributed as long as it is not sold, and all original files are included.You are NOT allowed to make a charge for distributing this Software (either for profit or merely to recover your media and distribution costs) whether as a stand-alone product, or as part of a compilation or anthology, without explicit prior written permission.

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Formating a file size and adding the B, KB, MB and GB extension appropriately with string.Format (C#)
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